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One can face an eternity here. PUSHKIN HOUSE is a perfect house with a perfect location.

Enchanting views and breathtaking landscapes created by the ensemble of majestic mountains and endless maritime horizon blended with azure sky, tremendous natural phenomenon and flora diversity – this is Yalta itself.

One can fall in love with Yalta not only because of its natural beauty, crystal clear water and calming air. These coasts have rich and long-standing history. Here you can admire a lot of monuments and architectural masterpieces of different epochs. There are also a plenty of handmade objects which can easily rejoice your feelings leaving a pleasant traces upon Your heart.

Situated on the hills, Yalta can be seen very clearly, nevertheless, it seems that there are only trees and a couple of buildings as the city is lost in green branches of its trees. But this feeling disappears when evening comes. The hills are illuminated from beneath and it creates a mysterious dance of lights and shadows.

People say that Yalta is a city of happiness and time almost stops here. One can have a rest at the beach or go hiking, feel adrenaline by climbing the mountains or relax on a yacht during a marine, fly like a bird on a delta plane or feel warm hugs of the Black sea.